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It Wasn't How I Thought it Was

In my prior life, I was a software support analyst. For a glorious couple of years, I was the Team Leader of an esteemed group. In that position, I was a liaison between our support manager and the support team. I knew what each side was thinking, and it was my job to meld everything together in to a well oiled machine.  There was this one time when there were rumblings that we may have a layoff in our group. We were a pretty close knit group. Several of us used to hang out during non working hours, meeting for drinks, play golf...stuff like that. Because of this, I didn't want to see any of us lose our job. There was this one lady who I considered a friend. We included her in our after work get-togethers; some of us helped out when she needed someone to watch her son while she tended to her responsibilities. We even helped her move out of her apartment and in to her new home when she was facing a deadline.   She was also the weakest link in our group. Not specifically due to her p